At Medicine Man Pharmacy we cater to patients that need specialty medications. Unlike the mass production of medications that is present today, we take the knowledge and time to create the medications each patient needs as prescribed by their physician. Too many times, the drugs available on the market are not designed for each individual but are designed similar to those gloves you find that state one size fits all. We understand that one drug does not fit the personal needs of every patient no matter what illness or disease they may have. All individuals are different in the way the disease is affecting their bodies as well as how the various medications will provide them with the care and help they actually need.

Specialty medications are prescribed by your physician and require a bit more work than the normal medications you may have used in the past. They require special handling, monitoring, and administration.

What are specialty medications?

Specialty medications from Medicine Man Pharmacy are medications that are normally inhaled, taken orally, injected, or infused. All of these types of medication require close monitoring as well as supervision to ensure the safety of our patients.

The goal of our Specialty pharmacy program places the safety of our patients first, thus we ensure that each patient takes the medications correctly and in the right amount dosage amount. Working with family, friends and other care givers to ensure that each person involved in the care of the patient are trained to correctly administer medications and to notice if problems arise.

Examples of illnesses and diseases that requiring specialty medications include:

Crohn’s Disease Hepatitis B Hemophilia Infertility
Intravenous immunoglobulin’s Hepatitis C Multiple Sclerosis Plaque Psoriasis
Rheumatoid Arthritis Asthma Immune disorders Angioedema
Pulmonary arterial hypertension Cancer Crohn’s Disease HIV
Cystic Fibrosis RSV Hormone disorders Osteoporosis
Lysosomal storage disorders Transplants Bleeding disorders


Services provided by Medicine Man Specialty Medications Programs include educational materials, outreach for counseling, support services, reminder for refills of your prescriptions, supplies including syringes or other necessary supplies, and prescription coverage.

Medicine Man Pharmacy works alongside your physician to create the best possible plan to ensure your success with the treatment of your illness or disease. We take pride in providing the best possible advanced solutions to ensure that your needs are met for the whole person instead of providing mass produced medications that may not fit your personal needs or are not providing you with the utmost care. Our advanced technologies and training has put us in the forefront to providing specialty medications for our patients that fit their own personal needs as well as ones that actually fit the prescription your physician knows is best for your care.