Medicine Man Pharmacy provides compounding services to create customized medications for their patients. This method is actually special way of preparing these types of medication using art and science in a unique fashion. The method has been seen since the dawn of the pharmacy and as a matter of fact, most prescriptions during the 30’s and 40’s were compounded. The main reason compounding declined is that the pharmacist was often ignored and the bulk of prescriptions were placed in the hands of drug manufacturing companies during the 50’s and 60’s. The problem with mass producing drugs is that it is not personalized at all, such as a one size fits all gloves, and we all know how those really fit.

More and more people including physicians are realizing that this method is not the best for all patients and with the advancements in technology, revolutionary techniques and better quality research pharmacies today are better prepared to personalize a patients medications to fit their fits instead of just handing out medications that may or may not treat their ailments in the proper way.

The benefits of Medicine Man Compounding

The main reason that we provide compounding is that some patients are unable to use the medications as prescribed or are not willing to use the medications as prescribed. With so many patients today being allergic to dyes or preservatives, they are unable to take the mass produced drugs as well as some patient’s need a different dosage or strength level than what is mass produced.

If your physician agrees, we at Medicine Man Pharmacy can leave out ingredients such as sugar, gluten, preservatives, dyes, and lactose, adjust the strength of medications, and add better flavor to help the patient take the medication with ease. Compounding allows us to provide various delivery systems for patients that have a hard time swallowing certain forms of pills due to their size or just in capsule form. We can provide a liquid suspension of the medication using flavorings that are more tolerable for the patient. We can also create suppositories, gels or creams that will absorb through the skin, sublingual troches or for the kids lollipops.

Medicine Man Pharmacy can create compounding for many different applications including pediatric, hospice, hormone replacement therapy, pain management, otic, ophthalmology, dermatology, dentistry, flavorings for medications, veterinary, neuropathy, infertility, sports medicines, wounds therapy, gastroenterology, and podiatry to name a few.

Our staff at Medicine Man Pharmacy understands the importance of personalized medications; therefore we work along the patients and their physicians to solve their problems with medications. We ensure that we will help find the best way for patients to take their medications so they will never have to miss a dosage and will feel comfortable while using the new method.

Medicine Man Pharmacy follows a very strict guideline for the creation of compound medications to ensure that quality and uniformity are at the top of the list. We verify every step of the process. We will provide certificates of analysis if requested. All of our pharmacy equipment is calibrated every day and is certified once per year. Storage areas for all medications are temperature controlled and well lit.

In order to correctly compound two or more chemicals, experienced and skilled pharmacists must use the most advanced technologies to ensure the quality of each compound medication. Each new formulation and new dosage amounts must be created with care and be precise in order to provide the proper care for the patient. Our staff ensures that the entire process is met with the strict guidelines and attention to produce high quality compounds.

Medicine Man Pharmacy is dedicated to providing all that is needed in scientific research as well as experimentation in the pharmacy as well as using the most advanced technologies to ensure that our compounding methods only produce high quality medications for our patients.

We work side by side with dentists, veterinarians, physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals to create the exact dosage and medications their patients need to be healthy.

We specialize in:

The creation of customized strengths of any medication

Combine several medications into one form for easy manageability

Create special chemical formulations

Compound medications that is no longer available through mass production

Create liquid forms from solid medications

Add flavoring to medications

Leave out specific ingredients such as sugar, preservatives, dyes or other ingredients as specified by the prescriber

Our compounding pharmacists are experienced in compounding oral suspensions, capsules, nasal sprays, sub-lingual drops, lozenges, suppositories, anesthetic gels, creams, gels, fast dissolving tablets and lollipops for the little ones.